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"Auto-Solve Oceania Mastertech Information 'Diagnostic Assistance' is a must have for any workshop using scan tools & oscilloscopes"

"You own the scan tool now here is a great opportunity to add the missing link, knowledge is power"



Auto-Solve Oceania - Diagnostic Assistance V.13 Software

Diagnostic Assistance V.13 software has many great features. As a guide, Diagnostic Assistance V.13 covers hundreds of different topics, includes many waveforms and guided component testing on different sensors and actuators.
The software is designed to support all workshops but in particular G-Scan user's working on Diesel, Petrol and Hybrid vehicles. This helps G-Scan user's to further maximise their equipment investment and understand how to effectively diagnose problems.

The software also includes generic testing of diagnostic relevant products, using smoke machines, compression testing, back pressure testing and Diesel injector testing. The software is also able to interface with Pico Automotive Oscilloscope & waveform library data base, a very handy function especially if the G-Scan user is already running a Pico system or looking to a future Pico scope purchase and looking for advanced information.

Diagnostic Assistance V.13 incoporates many G-Scan functions covering both advanced and commonly asked for systems i.e. Installing, linking Holden, Ford, Japanese, Korean ECU's, key coding on multiple makes, immobiliser resetting, Diesel cars, trucks to Euro V, injector coding, DPF regeneration, steering angle calibration with associated special procedures, new SCR-AD Blue injection, transmission adaptions and 100's of other special functions.

The software supports integrated links to training videos i.e. showing how to complete VW/Audi Service Reset or Electronic Park Brake, BMW CBS Service Reset, Hyundai Key Coding/Remote Key Fob Retraining, Steering Angle Calibration, Idle Control Learning plus many other functions.

Combined with 100's of pages of step by step guided diagnostic information this customised value added Auto-Solve Oceanis Diagnostic Assistance software is a must have for all G-Scan Oceania user's.

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