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May 1st, 2011

G-Scan increases added functionality through advanced software enabling the user to work smarter not harder.
G-Scan selected by Japanese commercial fleet and mining companies Oceania wide for its brand ranging Japanese truck system coverage. Included are advanced functions plus immobiliser, SRS, ABS, Smoother, Semi Automatic and Automatic transmission coverage.


G-Scan Oceania

May 1st, 2011

Automatic System Search : This powerful software feature allows the user to locate all the modules currently connected within the vehicles system. Support for latest Hyundai/Kia to 2011 vehicle models - support for i35 & i45 models already loaded. Now covers Commodre VE, Falcon FG & BE key coding, Astra diesel injector coding, Astra H key coding, RA Rodeo/Colorado key coding, Honda key coding & Subaru key coding. Isuzu trucks protocols updated including CAN models, DPD, DFP, Pump Initialisation & Injector Writing plus Toyota/Hino injector writing, DPF and suction valve re-set. Added advanced function (no other generic scan tool covers this) for Commodre PIM-BCM-ECU link replacement.



May 1st, 2011

Australian Ford and GM enhanced software updates recently added to G-Scan. New website Official Update download facility now available for G-Scan Oceania Members: Members Area
Rellim joins G-Scan Oceania to provide an additional built-in DTC data base to the G-Scan. Features include a simple DTC number input function, DTC base set parameters descriptions and an easy to use search function of DTC data base.


G-Scan Oceania

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