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G-Scan increases added functionality through advanced software enabling the user to work smarter not harder.
G-Scan selected by Japanese commercial fleet and mining companies Oceania wide for its brand ranging Japanese truck system coverage. Included are advanced functions plus immobiliser, SRS, ABS, Smoother, Semi Automatic and Automatic transmission coverage.






"Auto-Solve Oceania - a must have for any workshop using scan tools, oscilloscopes"

"You own the scan tool now here's a great opportunity to add the missing link, knowledge is power"


G-Scan Oceania


Automatic System Search : This powerful software feature allows the user to locate all the modules currently connected within the vehicles system. Support for latest Hyundai/Kia to 2015 vehicle models - support for i35 & i45 models already loaded. Now covers Commodore VE, Falcon FG & BE key coding, Astra diesel injector coding, Astra H key coding, RA Rodeo/Colorado key coding, Honda key coding & Subaru key coding. Isuzu trucks protocols updated including CAN models, DPD, DFP, Pump Initialisation & Injector Writing plus Toyota/Hino injector writing, DPF and suction valve re-set. Added advanced function (no other generic scan tool covers this) for Commodore PIM-BCM-ECU link replacement.


"Need to Cover European Trucks?" - click here OPUS CMT ADV for the best generic high spec quality option.


OPUS CMT ADV: Reddot Design Award/Automechanica - view PDF
OPUS CMT ADV: (TRUCKS & CARS) Release News - view PDF
Application 2012 TRUCKS - view PDF
Application 2012 CARS - view PDF




Australian Ford and GM enhanced software updates recently added to G-Scan. New website Official Update download facility now available for G-Scan Oceania Members: Members Area
Rellim joins G-Scan Oceania to provide an additional built-in DTC data base to the G-Scan. Features include a simple DTC number input function, DTC base set parameters descriptions and an easy to use search function of DTC data base.


G-Scan exlusively powered by Rellim
2013 code data!
Rellim an Australian company with
high tech specialist data for Australian vehicles!
A scan tool must to speed diagnosis
and achieve accurate results!


G-Scan: Product Information

Features Overview

G-Scan Kit
G-Scan Oceania Kit
Part Number: G-Scan-AUS

The G-Scan Oceania Kit includes: G-Scan base unit, 2GB SD Memory Card, Battery Pack, DLC Main Cable, SD Card Reader, Stylus Pen, Stylus String, LCD Cleaner Pad, Cable-Cigarette lighter, Cable-Battery, G-Scan User's Manual, G-Scan software applications (CD), AC/DC Adaptor, AC Power Cable, Hand Carry Strap, Carry Case ...

Vehicle Adaptors: Honda/Accura 3Pin, Mazda 17Pin, Mitsubishi 12Pin+16Pin, Nissan 14Pin, Subaru 9Pin, Toyota 17Pin(R), Toyota 17Pin+1Pin(square), Kia 20Pin-A Type Connector, Kia 20Pin-B Type Connector, Ssangyong 14Pin, Hyundai Keyless Connector-(x2), Options: Mercedes Benz 38Pin multiplexer, BMW 20Pin, VW/Audi 2Pin (early style connector) also available ...

G-Scan Base Unit

The G-Scan base unit features: TFT Colour Screen (480x234 pixels), Power On/Off button, Power status LED, Function Keys (F1-F6), Enter Key, ESC Key, DLC and Option status LED's, Navigation buttons (left/right,up,down), D-Sub connector for main DLC cable, USB slot (Download), USB slot (Pass-Thru), USB Master (Options extension), SD Memory Card slot, Reset Port, Battery Pack ...

G-Scan Base Unit

The G-Scan supports powerful yet easy to use built-in software. Features include: built-in Protocols (CAN, K-Line/L-Line, Commercial, Data/Control Line, PC Interface) ...

System Search Mode, Flight Recording (review captured images and saved Flight Record data), CARB OBDII (Diagnosis of Powertrain OBDII/EOBD vehicles, Diagnosis (perform diagnosis of multiple systems by use of DTC, current data, actuation test, system re-set, and other manufacturer specific functions), Configuration (check/change different settings for use of the G-Scan), User Guide (view on-screen guide for basic functions of the G-Scan) and ...
Now BMW 20 pin, Mercedes Benz 38 and VW/Audi 4 pin are now all included at no extra cost i.e standard with the AUS kit.

G-Scan offers so much more!


G-Scan Base Unit

General Specification

G-Scan Spec Sheet
Category Specifications
Micro Controller Dual CPU: Main control board (ARM9 @400MHz) - Communication Board (ARM9 @400MHz)
System Memory NOR Flash 16MB, NAND Flash 64MB, SDRAM 32MBx2
External Memory 2GB SD Card (up to 4GB)
LCD 480x234 pixel - 5.6" TFT Analog LCD
Input Devices Touch Screen, Power ON/OFF key, ENTER and ESC keys
Indication Lamps 2 Colour LED x 3 (Power, DLC, Option)
Sound Single tone buzzer
Rechargeable Battery Li-Ion Polymer 2100mAh 1cell
Operating Voltage 7 - 35V DC
Housing Material PC + ABS resin with TPE shroud
Dimension 194x129x59mm
Weight Approx. 900g


External COM Port 1xUSB master and 2 x USB slave (USB 1.1)

AC/DC Power Adaptor

Input Power 100-240V AC
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 0.8 A
Output Voltage 12V DC
Output Current 3 A

View G-Scan PRODUCT video - (GiT)
Demo 1 (GiT Intro & Std Features) - Demo 2 (G-Scan & GiT Intro & Features)
Demo 3 - (G-Scan Features & Isuzu Truck Demo) - Demo 4 - (Isuzu Truck 2011MY Euro 4)

View G-Scan OPERATIONS video - (GscanEZDS)
Injector Specific Data (Hyundai Terracan 2006MY), Idle Air Volume Relearn (Infinity G37s 2007MY), Transmitter Code Saving (Hyundai Terracan 2006MY), Transmitter Code Saving (Hyundai H-1 Bus), Auto Drive Position Setting (Infinity FX45 2005MY) Idle RPM Correction (Infinity FX45 2005MY), Intelligent Key Programming (Nissan Cube 2008MY), Airmatic System Actuation & Leakage Test (MB W220), Data Graphing Function (Infinity G35 2008MY), Steering Angle Sensor Calibration (Infinity G35 2008MY), G-Scan Error Log Capture, VW/Audi Electronic Parking Brake (VW Passat 2008MY), BMW Oil Service Light Reset (BMW E39 5-series), Honda EGR Test Function (Honda Accord 2007MY), Early VW/Audi SRS DTC Read/Clear (Audi A6 1996MY), Fuel Leakage Test Function (Hyundai Terracan SUV 4WD 2006MY), Immobilizer Key Coding (Hyundai Azera TG - Grandeur 2007MY)