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Automatic System Search

G-Scan has many very powerful features associated with the built-in software.

"System Search" is used to detect all modules attached within the vehicles computerised system. By activating "System Search" G-Scan initiates a scan and detect mode and subsequently will list all the available modules attached to the vehicles system. After listing the connected modules, the user then simply makes a selection to access the appropriate module for diagnostic purposes.

G-Scan System Search

From the Startup Menu select "Diagnosis"

Select the appropriate vehicle manufacturer



Make a selection from the menu on the left screen

The selection made is shown on the right of screen

Vehicle selection

Select through the menu until "SYSTEM SEARCH"

Select "SYSTEM SEARCH" and then select "OK"

System Search Screen

G-Scan will then initiate the search to locate all currently connected modules

Once all modules have been found select the module for diagnostics -The * indicates "Special Function" testing is available - Use "*List" button to open menu for selections

Module Found Screen



Using G-Scan Memo Mode

Another great inovation to the G-Scan software is "Memo Mode". G-Scan software incorporates a special utility to allow the user to make notations on-the-fly while using the G-Scan "Flight Record" function. While in Flight Record mode simply select the "paint brush" icon (1st icon top right of screen) with the stylus pen and write or draw a message.
After the message is written a confirmation box appears allowing the user to save the screen with the message for later recall. The "Memo Mode" draw notation utility is also customisable allowing users to change brush stroke width and stroke colour.

G-Scan Memo Mode

Select the "paint brush" icon (top right of screen)

Memo Mode Screen

Use the stylus pen to draw or write a message

Click "OK" on the following dialogue pop-up box to save the screen

Memo Mode Screen

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